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  • "I have been to several events that Darlene has done!! The way she decorates and does things just he way she has been asked is excellent!! She can make an okay room AWESOME the ..."
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                A little bit about me

            Born and raised in Arlington MA.  until I married          and moved to Malden MA. after a few years I moved   
 to Wareham MA. were I lived for 23 yrs. 

           I started my business in 1999. I love helping people,

               anytime I am decorating or coordinating a party,                       I am happy.   Decorating is my passion.  

I started doing Cakes,helping family  &  friends decorate for parties.

               It was when my Children got married, I discovered my true                             passion, I coordinated and decorated all their Weddings,                               and it just took off from there.

   I now live in Florida where I plan to stay for the rest of my life.

      I am blessed to have been a part of my past  friends & clients special days.                                               

    I look forward to helping new clients

                                   making new friends and helping them achieve                                           the Wedding,or Event of their dreams

My Mission Making Your Dreams Reality

You Dream It - I Theme It !