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                A little bit about me

            Born and raised in Arlington MA.  until I married          and moved to Malden MA. after a few years I moved   
 to Wareham MA. were I lived for 23 yrs. 

           I started my business in 1999. I love helping people,

               anytime I am decorating or coordinating a party,                       I am happy.   Decorating is my passion.  

I started doing Cakes,helping family  &  friends decorate for parties.

               It was when my Children got married, I discovered my true                             passion, I coordinated and decorated all their Weddings,                               and it just took off from there.

   I now live in Florida where I plan to stay for the rest of my life.

      I am blessed to have been a part of my past  friends & clients special days.                                               

    I look forward to helping new clients

                                   making new friends and helping them achieve                                           the Wedding,or Event of their dreams

My Mission Making Your Dreams Reality

You Dream It - I Theme It !