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Flowers & their meanings



                                                                Alstromeria Lily - devotion                                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                 Amaryllis - splendid beauty

                                                                                  Anemone - anticipation

Apple Blossom - good fortune

Baby's Breath - pure of heart

Bachelor's Button - hope

Bluebell - constancy

Buttercup - riches

Camellia - good fortune or loveliness

Carnation - lasting fidelity & deep love

Crocus - joy

Daisy - faith, cheer & simplicity

Fern - Sincerity

Forget-me-not - true love

Freesia - innocence

Fuchsia - good taste

Gardenia - joy

Gladiola - generosity

Holly - foresight

Honeysuckle - generosity and devotion

Iris - faith, wisdom & health

Jasmine - grace & elegance

Jonquil - affection returned

Larkspur - levity

Lily - virtue, beauty, elegance & pride

Lily of the Valley - happiness

Marigold - sacred affection

Mimosa - sensitivity

Myrtle - remembrance

Olive & Laurel Leaves - plenty & virtue

Orange Blossoms - fertility & marriage

Orchid - you are beauty

Peony - bashfulness

Purple Lilac - first love

Red Rose - I love you

Red & White Roses (together) - unity

Rosemary - commitment & fidelity

Sage - Domestic Virtue

Stephanotis (often called The Wedding Flower) - happiness in marriage

Sweet Pea - blissful pleasure

Sweet William - gallantry

Tulip - perfect lover

Violet - faithfulness

Water Lily - purity of heart

White Carnation -remember me

White Daisy - innocence

White Lilac - innocence

White Lily - purity & young innocence

White Rose - I am worthy of you

Wood Sorrel - maternal tenderness

Yellow Tulip - hopeless love

Zinnia - remembrance & affection 




Types of Bouquets

Remember, this is your Wedding,all flowers,ribbions,holders etc. can be altered to suite your desires,                  I will  work with you to give you  exactly the look you want.   

Cascade: Usually a rounded bouquet with flowers hanging down in  front forming a V shape.                               the length of the cascade can be very long  or just enough to cover the hands.

Hand-Tied: A cluster of flowers tied at the stems, with part of the stems showing below the point where they are held. One of the most popular types of bouquets used in todays weddings.

Nosegay: A nosegay is a small bouquet, with flowers compact (packed closely together) sometimes consisting of one type of flower with no greenery between the blooms.

Presentation: Most times is made of long-stemmed flowers that are held in the crook of the arm.