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                                                         Important Issues


Read all your contracts !  Get it in writing !

 I can't stress this enough, whomever

you do business with

make sure that what ever the two of you agree on

is in writing.

Your legal rights are limited 

 if  it is not in writing.

 Your Wedding Day  should be filled with

fun & excitement 

 Proper planning will insure this.

When every vendor knows what is expected of them.

there  will be no unwanted surprises.










Ask Questions

Don't be afraid to ask lot's of questions,

you are paying for their services.

make sure the vendors you hire ,

 understand what it is you want to achieve,

the way you want your reception hall to look

the type of music you want played,

how you want the wedding party to be introduced.

What color flowers you want,

Where you want the Head table

and the cake placed, etc. etc.

There is a lot to think about when planning a Wedding.

But when done properly, everything will fall into place. 



Keep all Receipts

 Get a folder and keep all your receipts

& your Contracts in one place.

That way you will not risk loosing anything.

One less thing to worry about

in this very busy time in your life.

These Receipts are your proof of payment and 

proof of what you and the vendor has agreed to.

They are your protection.